Daily Report of (MERS-CoV) Cases in Saudi Arabia

Saudi MOH: THREE New Confirmed Corona Cases Recorded | Sunday 9 Jamada al-Akhirah 1436 / 29 March 2015 | ● Total number of confirmed cases in the last 24 hours: 3 case. ● Recovered and discharged cases that previously tested positive Read more

Fit middle-aged men have lower cancer risk

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Vermont, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Duke University Medical Center in Dallas, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. "Very fit men in their late Read more

Drinking Water Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

Drinking plenty of water will lower your risk of kidney stones, researchers report. "This analysis shows that drinking water is an effective way to cut one's risk for developing kidney stones in half," Kerry Willis, chief scientific officer at the National Read more

Connection Between Diabetes, Advanced Breast Cancer Detected in Study

Women with diabetes may have an increased risk of being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, a new study from Canada shows. "Our findings suggest that women with diabetes may be predisposed to more advanced-stage breast cancer, which may be a contributor Read more


Coronaviruses are common viruses that most people get at some time in their lives. They are common throughout the world, and they can infect people and animals.


Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose, or sugar, levels are too high. Glucose comes from the foods you eat. Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose get into your cells to give them energy.

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Nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy

Healthy eating is vitally important during pregnancy to provide your baby with what it needs to grow and be healthy. Pregnant women need 300 extra calories per day.. read more

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